Integrator Robotów

Integrator Robotów

Increase the quality and efficiency of implementation of your company thanks to the robotization of production. We offer professional technological solutions that will increase the company's efficiency while minimizing production costs.


Thanks to high accuracy and efficiency, our robots perform their function while maintaining proper quality of work. Using them leads to positive changes in the employment structure of a given company.


In order to ensure maximum benefits in the company, we conduct a technological audit before starting each project. Our robots comply with obligatory safety regulations.


We want our products to significantly increase efficiency in your company. Robots, besides accuracy and execution speed unattainable by humans, always maintain a constant work pace.


Automation and robotization of production lines undoubtedly improves safety in the company, replacing people at all positions where the production process is onerous for them or exceeds the coordination ability and perception of the human body.

Specialized staff

Specialist knowledge in various fields is necessary to design professional solutions. Thanks to the qualifications and experience of our team, we are ready to create and optimize new control programs.

Technical Support

We provide periodic inspection services, fast servicing of industrial robots and programming optimization of their work. We run training courses during which you will obtain the necessary information about the handling of our products.


We work with experienced, professional companies, which allows us to implement projects of the highest quality

Stretch foil palletizing
Implementation context Palletizing is placing details on a pallet in a certain way. It is the most robotized process on industrial lines in the world....
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Brake pad packing
Implementation context When several hundred products pass through the production line, the selection and packaging operations pose a challenge for operators. Choosing the right element...
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Glass palletizing
Implementation context The process of palletizing such an unstable, susceptible to mechanical damage material as glass is extremely dangerous. Both the risk of damage to...
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